• Within a week, Revain (REV) has increased by over 124 percent

  • Many altcoins have risen in value as a result of the crypto industry’s recent trend, and the market sees new altcoins every week. Significantly, there are colossal platforms that rely on blockchain technology for security and speed. Most of these platforms, on the other hand, create their own native token, resulting in an increase in the number of cryptocurrencies.

    NFTs and DeFi have risen in value and taken their place alongside cryptocurrencies. Even though some crypto-assets have seen a rise and others have seen a decline, the crypto industry continues to attract investors. Within a week of its voting competition, Revain’s stock increased by over 124 percent.

    Revain is a product and service review platform that uses blockchain technology to curate and reward user feedback. Revain, like other review sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor, encourages independent authors to write reviews and give them ratings.

    Situation on the Market Right Now

    The trading price of REV is $0.221 at the time of writing, with a 24-hour trading volume of $3,027,067. According to Coingecko, the price has increased by more than 124 percent in a week and by 23.87 percent in a single day.

    For the past week, the chart has shown a bullish signal. The 30-day price chart shows a 263 percent increase, while the 14-day chart shows a 112 percent increase. REV coins have a current circulating supply of 85,061,485,690. HitBTC, KuCoin, BitMart, IndoEx, and BHEX are some of the top exchanges where it can be traded.

    Examine the Competition

    A review competition was held on the Revain platform, which ended on August 30. The competition was also known as The TON Crystal Review Competition. For the first 20 reviews, the competition offered 1 RVN as a prize. The first 250 reviews and tweets will each receive $2 worth of TON Crystals.

    Given the recent updates, the platform’s review competition could be the cause of the price increase. Users, on the other hand, are anticipating higher highs, and the network is working to meet those expectations. REV’s price may reach new highs in the near future as technological advancements continue.

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