• Why Should Walmart Accept Bitcoin, According to a Survey (For Real)

  • According to a Morning Consult survey released on Sept. 21, frequent Walmart shoppers are two times more likely than the average American to own Bitcoin.

    The benchmark cryptocurrency is held by nearly a third of those who visit the largest U.S. grocery chain more than once per week.

    In the United States, 16 percent of people own Bitcoin. Only 10% of non-Walmart shoppers are familiar with the top coin.

    Last week, a false press release claiming that Walmart would accept Litecoin, which was picked up by some mainstream media, drove up the price of the original altcoin by nearly 30%.

    The fake news was also briefly tweeted by the official Litecoin Twitter account. The partnership was quickly denied by both Walmart and the Litecoin Foundation.

    According to ULTCOIN365, founder Charlie Lee blamed the mishap on the organization’s social media manager:

    It was a bad idea to retweet it. We quickly deleted it after that. However, the damage has already been done.

    With that said, Walmart’s Bitcoin-centric customer base and recent crypto-related job posting suggest that the Litecoin hoax could be a precursor to something bigger.

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