• What exactly is Moon farming, and how does it affect earning Karma points?

  • What exactly is Moon Farming Crypto?

    Reddit, one of the world’s largest social networks, allows you to create communities on its platform. These communities, known as subreddits, make use of Reddit features.

    Some of these subreddits even have their own cryptocurrency, allowing users to own a piece of the Reddit community.

    That is how the Moon (xMOON) cryptocurrency was created on the basis of the r /Cryptocurrency subreddit. R / Cryptocurrency content is devoted to various types of news and announcements that are solely about cryptocurrencies.

    Moon Coin is a cryptocurrency.

    xMOON is owned by Reddit Community Points and will only be available in 2020. xMOON tokens are ERC-20 tokens. Only the r / Cryptocurrency community receives them once a month, or every four weeks. From the start, 50 million tokens were distributed to those who earned “Karma” points, which can be replenished by helping to moderate the subreddit.

    How Do You Farm Moon?

    Farming is a way to be rewarded for your efforts. The content posted on the r / Cryptocurrency subreddit must necessarily relate to cryptocurrency market news or any other information about cryptocurrencies. As a result, Moon can be farmed in the following ways:

    Participate in debates. It’s required when farming Moon. The r / Cryptocurrency community is very popular in the cryptocurrency market, particularly among new investors. It is always a pleasure to assist newcomers.

    Earn good karma. The higher your Karma, the more likely you are to get Moon. Reddit’s desire to improve its content is propelling comments and posts with a high number of votes higher in the rankings, increasing the likelihood of receiving the Moon.

    Obtain and present to the tip. Members of the community can reward one another for good and helpful advice. The community also applauds those who tip Moon for newcomers. You can raise your Karma level with the help of tips.

    What Has a Negative Impact on Moon Farming?

    Some actions in communities have a negative impact on their members. Each negative point reduces the level of Karma and the likelihood of receiving Moon.

    Consider what, according to statistics, irritates community members the most:

    Spam. Assume someone asks you for advice, and you respond with a smiley or something unrelated to the question’s gist. In that case, he is likely to be enraged. A large amount of unnecessary information can even irritate, especially if the answer to the question is critical.

    Reposts. People are irritated by the constant repetition of well-known information. As a result, if you saw the news on a popular source, do not repost it. It’s very likely that it’s been seen before. As a result, your repost will only enrage community members, especially if the news is negative.

    Metaposting. Follow the link to learn more about the meta post’s content. If one exists, read the thread, which is sometimes hidden deep within the comment tree. As a result, even if there is something witty or outrageously awful in it, such material is frequently perplexing.

    As you can see, farming Moon is not difficult. To accomplish this, you should assist other members of the community, treat them with respect, and keep in mind the informativeness of your messages. After all, positive interaction with other members of the community and high-quality content will help you raise your Karma level and earn more Moon.

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