• Vladimir Kush’s Fine Art is available on Rarible and OpenSea

  • Vladimir Kush, a world-renowned artist, has released his first-ever animated NFT on the internet. An updated version of his well-known homage to Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper.

    Kush’s masterpiece, which can only be described as an NFT of biblical proportions, depicts Jesus and his cohorts in the medium of plant life. The Lord and Saviour himself, in the form of a giant sunflower, sits in the center. While Judas, a hooded purple laceleaf, casts the most menacing gaze a plant can muster. The remaining apostles maintain their focus on Christ as they sway in the breeze.

    The animated side of the NFT depicts the passage from night to day. From the start, the deceitful Judas draws the attention, but as the day brightens, he retreats beneath his leafy hood, while the scene’s conclusion reveals Jesus himself to be the source of the light, as a butterfly crown flutters above his head.

    A closer look at the fine artwork reveals human-like characteristics on the plant life involved. The entire scene is set inside a massive colosseum, which is significant. Kush’s Last Supper is available in 12 editions, which are currently listed on Rarible and OpenSea.

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