• Tradingview launches Bitcoin into space and creates its first non-financial transaction (NFT)

  • To the moon with Bitcoin? Yes, Tradingview is to blame. The platform’s engineering team has created a flight plan that will allow Tradingview’s charts to reach the stratosphere, about 35 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, “with a screen and special machinery to withstand the extreme conditions of temperature and pressure present at such altitudes,” according to the company’s press release.

    To commemorate this strange occurrence, Tradingview used blockchain technology, specifically Ethereum, to create an NFT of the photograph capturing its chart in space.

    Tradingview’s Bitcoin NFT

    The non-fungible token can be found on Opensea, and the auction will end in four days, on August 24. The starting price was 0.1 ETH, and it is now 0.1456 ETH, or $478.69 USD.

    On Tradingview’s Opensea profile, you can also find two other NFTs: one of a chart of the stock market trend of Virgin Galactics shares – which are currently priced at 0.1 ETH – and the other titled “All-Time Highs,” which is a video of the launch in the space of a sort of tarot card.

    The latter NFT also promises unlockable content, which will be revealed after the auction concludes.

    According to the description, this initiative began as a joke on April Fools’ Day 2021 but was so successful that they wanted to make it a reality.

    Tradingview is a popular website for traders to view market trends and analysis of cryptocurrency and the stock market.

    Bitcoin in outer space

    In 2019, Blockstream also launched Bitcoin into space to provide an alternative method for downloading a Bitcoin full node in the event of an internet outage, such as in the event of a coup or for the poorest countries and the most remote corners of the Earth.

    The solution was also developed for privacy reasons, as anyone can see the IP address associated with their node, which is much more difficult to do with a satellite connection.

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