• Trace Network allows you to explore the metaverse in your own unique way

  • Trace Network, the cutting-edge DeFi and NFT protocol for a wide range of enterprise-grade and consumer applications, provides the community with a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience in the virtual world. The project recently announced its intention to develop a lifestyle NFT-based protocol for the metaverse. The new protocol will provide end-users with limitless customization options while also allowing brands to enable virtual personas to showcase their creations.

    The metaverse concept has gained a lot of traction in recent days, thanks to the increasing adoption of NFTs and the widely followed virtual-first approach in the post-COVID world. We already have a second life in the virtual space, thanks to games and meetings, among other things. The metaverse, as a shared virtual space created by the convergence of enhanced virtual reality and augmented reality on the internet, gives virtual activities the appearance of physical interaction. People find it a welcome break from otherwise monotonous routines, and as humans, many try to stand out from the crowd.

    Trace Network Labs recognizes the need for an immersive virtual experience among netizens, which prompted it to develop the lifestyle NFT-based metaverse protocol. After developing Bling Marketplace, which allows luxury lifestyle brands to create NFT versions of real-world products for sale and auction on a decentralized platform, Trace Network will now enable these same brands to offer NFT wearables and consumables to their customers.

    These NFT wearables and consumables will continue to represent actual real-world articles, and users who own these NFTs may also get to own the corresponding physical product – at the discretion of the brands who issue them, of course. Furthermore, as long as they own the product, they can display it on their virtual avatars. Trace Network provides metaverse-focused NFTs as a multichain solution, enabling portability across multiple metaverses on all leading blockchain protocols.

    The lifestyle NFT-based metaverse protocol will serve as a conduit for brands to extend their brand equity into the virtual world. It will be enabled by a new set of product and service kits that will be made available to Trace Network’s partner luxury and lifestyle brands in the near future.

    The distinction Trace is attempting to make is the restriction of single-use products, such as avatars and wearable NFTs, to a single metaverse – something that brands such as Burberry, D&C, and others have already done. Trace Network Labs has envisioned and is currently working on a gateway protocol that will enable the creation of metaverse agnostic lifestyle and fashion product NFTs – those that can enter ANY metaverse!

    With Trace Network’s offerings, not only will the person enjoy the feel, comfort, and status symbol offered by designer brands, but their virtual avatar will also wear the same outfits to make a loud statement across multiple metaverses.

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