• There’s a chance to win a limited-edition NFT Championship Chess set

  • The Chess World Championship will begin in Dubai in November after a long delay caused by the much-maligned Covid outbreak. FIDE is releasing a series of official, blockchain-certified World Championship chess sets to celebrate this momentous occasion.

    The International Chess Federation (FIDE) is licensing a set of 16 unique competition boards in collaboration with the Algorand blockchain. The items are exact duplicates of those used to service the upcoming Chess World Championship.

    Each pair is meticulously constructed from a mix of boxwood and rosewood. The competition tagline, “Time to Say Dubai,” is also shown on the board, as well as the edition number of the unit purchased.

    World Chess is now taking reservations for the 16 sets. Each unit costs 999 $ALGO (about $835), with payments accepted in any stablecoin on the Algorand network. Buyers will receive an NFT certificate of authenticity on the Algorand blockchain once their order has been shipped.

    Chess has gained a lot of traction in the previous year, thanks to Netflix’s chess-themed televisual rollercoaster The Queen’s Gambit. You can now possess a competition-grade chessboard and practice your tactical skills in preparation for the next tournament.

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