• The Southern Europe’s Largest Theme Park Resort Will Begin Accepting Bitcoin

  • PortAventura World, the iconic entertainment resort, has announced that it will begin accepting Bitcoin payments in 2022.

    The largest resort in Southern Europe is the Spanish leisure complex, which includes two theme parks and six hotels. It receives approximately five million visitors per year.

    Red Force, Europe’s fastest and tallest roller coaster capable of reaching speeds of up to 180 km/h, is one of the resort’s main attractions.

    Accepting Bitcoin is part of the effort to boost digitalization and encourage innovation.

    PortAventura World is currently developing a software solution that will allow transactions to be “simple” and “secure.” It is unclear whether payments will be routed via the Lightning Network, a popular Bitcoin scaling solution that has recently seen a significant increase in capacity.

    An opulent five-star hotel in the Swiss Alps has recently begun accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum payments.

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