• The RSK-Built NFT Genesis is on its way to Millionaire Collectibles

  • Satoshi Nakamoto is depicted in NFT Genesis as a radiant, mysterious, and caped hero dressed in futuristic clothing.

    NFT Genesis, the first non-fungible token ever minted on a Bitcoin sidechain known as RSK, is expected to become a millionaire collectible artwork, according to market pundits. Notably, NFT Genesis was created by Watafan in order to commemorate Bitcoin’s tenth anniversary.

    The NFT illustrations were meticulously crafted by Joseph Diaz to fit in exact details in one frame. Notably, Satoshi Nakamoto is depicted in the NFT as a radiant, mysterious, and caped hero dressed in futuristic clothing.

    “His face is hidden behind a gleaming protective helmet, and in his left hand is a pennant with the words ’10th anniversary’ written on it. A hologram of a spectacular bitcoin token is on his right hand,” the company explained in a press release.

    In addition, the NFT features a misty image of the United States Federal Reserve building. Anyone who gets a closer look at the image will be perplexed as to how to delve much deeper into the details.

    The NFT Pieces were created by Watafan with a limited supply of 21 unique copies. However, the company stated that the NFT has never been sold since the first owner received it.

    The NFT, which was released on January 3, 2019, has grown in popularity and thus value over time. Furthermore, almost all digital assets that existed or were created at the time have increased in value significantly.

    The RSK Ecosystem and NFT Genesis

    NFT Genesis has garnered significant attention from global art collectors as a non-fungible token created on a Bitcoin sidechain and by a leading artist who has worked with renowned firms such as Netflix.

    Notably, the RSK sidechain has security features that are similar to those found on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, it employs a two-way peg mechanism in which Bitcoin miners contribute to the security of both Bitcoin and the RSK ecosystem.

    With these notable infrastructures surrounding the NFT Genesis pieces, market analysts predict that the true value of the artworks could reach millions of dollars. Furthermore, the NFT global market cap has risen to around $3 billion this year.

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