• The price of REN has risen by more than 360%; will it soon reach $2?

  • The cryptocurrency market has continued to regain its composure after a bearish dip in recent months. In fact, the total market cap of the crypto world has surpassed $2 trillion, with a growth rate of +.4% in the last 24 hours. REN (REN) is regarded as one of the altcoins that contribute to the crypto market’s rising phase.

    In particular, REN has seen a price increase of more than +360 percent in the last two weeks. As shown in the graph below, REN successfully increased its price from $.25 in July to $.99 in September. If the price increase continues, REN could break through its $1.16 resistance level and go even higher. Of course, this is possible if the cryptocurrency market and its investors continue to favor it.

    Today, REN is trading at a bullish price of $.99, indicating that it is in an uptrend. According to the ALMA indicator, REN’s price can continue to rise as long as it remains above ALMA. However, if REN falls below the indicator, the REN price may fall into a bearish trend.

    In terms of market capitalization, REN has a market cap of nearly $1 billion. Furthermore, it has a supply of over 900 million REN in circulation. Indeed, REN is one of the crypto assets that has caught the attention of traders and investors all over the world.

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