• The PhoenixDAO Events DApp Has Just Improved

  • The PhoenixDAO Events dApp has been completely redesigned and upgraded, making it faster and smoother than ever before. The team carefully considered community feedback and ensured that the dApp can be used to capitalize on current industry trends.

    What is the purpose of the Events DApp?

    The PhoenixDAO Events dApp is set to completely revolutionize the event management and ticketing industries. An industry that has long struggled with exclusivity and a slew of other issues, such as counterfeit and duplicate tickets, bulk purchasing, hoarding of tickets to resell at a higher price, and insecure payments.

    Users can buy tickets or host events using the Events dApp. On the blockchain, all transactions are secure and transparent. The dApp is multi-chain, allowing it to switch between Ethereum and the Polygon Network, an Ethereum layer 2 solution that offers security, low transaction costs, and fast transaction speeds. If users prefer, they can use the Ethereum blockchain’s base layer.

    Payments are made with the $PHNX utility token, which is the PhoenixDAO ecosystem’s native token. Other cryptocurrencies, as well as additional on-ramp options, will be added in the coming months. The ultimate goal is to provide ‘one-click purchasing.’

    Partnerships And Improvements

    PhoenixDAO has always aimed to make its dApps as simple as possible. Even those who aren’t tech-savvy will be able to use the upgraded Events dApp because it will have a smoother and more understandable interface.

    The announcement of a partnership with Transak is a significant step forward for PhoenixDAO’s Events dApp and its ability to provide fiat onramps for users to make deposits and withdrawals quickly and securely.

    The fiat onramp’s flow is as follows:

    Click “Buy PHNX” > Transak module opens > buy MATIC with credit/debit card > swap MATIC for PHNX on Quickswap > buy ticket with PHNX > you are booked

    Transak has also expressed interest in supporting the $PHNX token. Users would be able to purchase the $PHNX token using their credit or debit cards as a result of this. Users would be able to buy PHNX directly without having to go through MATIC first if it were to be listed on Transak.

    The Travala.com Affiliate Program has integrated with PhoenixDAO. This will provide users of the Events dApp with a plethora of options by allowing them to connect with the 2 million properties registered on leading booking platforms viaTravala, which are spread across 230 countries.

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