• The most recent application of cryptocurrency: music production?

  • A recent partnership between two big social influencers has resulted in a device that generates sounds (or music) depending on the famed price volatility of cryptocurrencies. Estefannie and LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER (Sam Battle) collaborated to bring a “cryptocurrency-measuring musical machine to life” in what has been dubbed “the partnership of the century.”

    As a musician, Sam sought to create sounds in response to voltage swings caused by price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market. On the other hand, Estefannie used a Raspberry Pi device to read the voltage variations and generate the appropriate noises.

    Sam has also shared his efforts to create an analog synthesizer with his followers, which he has made freely available. Estefannie revealed in his instructional video how to build an “analog synthesizer musical machine,”

    “This would be a fantastic tool for determining when to sell and buy.”

    The end product of the duo’s efforts was exhibited in an hour-long YouTube video, but the coin charts used for this particular performance remain a mystery to viewers.

    While the influencers have unearthed a whole new range of potential advances in the crypto-synth genre, we aren’t anticipating a massive bass drop anytime soon.

    In a similar vein to the aforementioned concept, Chinese artist Huang Heshan collaborated with blockchain game business Web3Games to launch NFT-based real estate.

    Investors can purportedly purchase virtual constructions such as “luxury single-family villas,” 300 high-end flats, and 1,000 “umbrella” parasols for the Chinese yuan. Apart from an increase in the number of investors, the crypto space has attracted the next generation of entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

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