• The Miami Hurricanes are the first university to offer National Football League Championship Rings

  • The University of Miami is the first college team to convert their championship rings into non-fungible digital tokens (NFTs).

    The Miami Hurricanes have debuted an NFT called the ‘Canes Vault,’ which highlights the team’s championship history. The Vault will use NFTs to highlight some of the team’s most historic moments, including their five AP national championships (1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, 2001).

    According to the Canes Vault website, the University intends to release more than 200 different NFTs in the platform’s first year. These collections will primarily feature animated illustrations created by Black Madre, the same Brazilian digital artist who collaborated with the Golden State Warriors on their NFT ring collection. Each NFT will be minted in limited editions with unique serial numbers to ensure scarcity and ownership. The digital art will be accompanied by one-of-a-kind VIP experiences, which will be auctioned off on-site.

    Canes Vault Collection Specifications

    The first NFTs to appear on the platform will commemorate the team’s 1989 National Championship victory and the rings awarded to the squad. The set includes three different NFTs with varying rarities and prices based on Herff Jones’ original ring design. “This artistic rendition of the 1989 Ring commemorates the Miami Hurricanes Football National Championship versus the University of Alabama,” according to the listing.

    The collection’s most affordable tier is one-of-500 and will retail for $50 at launch. The second tier is titled ‘1989 Championship Ring NFT & Infinite Object’ and includes a similar but more complex animated NFT of the ring. Furthermore, the 50 examples of the NFT that will be released for $250 will include what the site refers to as “Infinite Objects.” “Infinite Objects are design objects that are permanently treated and play one NFT on loop.

    There are no buttons, apps, or internet access. “It’s just your most prized NFT looping indefinitely,” Miami explains. The final tier, titled “1989 Championship Ring NFT, Replica Ring & Infinite Object,” is the only one that will be auctioned off rather than sold for a fixed price. The winner will receive not only an NFT and an Infinite Object, but also a physical replica of the championship ring itself.

    The one-of-one animated NFT abandons the orange and green color scheme of the other two and instead opts for gold metallic surfaces with a dab of green on the ring’s face.

    The auction for the one-of-one begins on August 16, with sales of the remaining NFTs beginning on August 17.

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