• The DozerBird NFT Game is now available on the Google Play Store in Japan

  • In Japan, PlayDapp, a blockchain gaming platform, has released its second most popular NFT game on Google Play. DozerBird is a game that uses the LINE blockchain, however, it was first released on the Ethereum network in 2019.

    Along with PlayDapp’s other popular game CryptoDozer, it ranked top and second in sales in the Ethereum Dapp Game category. The game’s implementation of NFT item linkage between CryptoDozer and DozerBird made it an instant hit when it was published. The technological qualities of NFT item linking, according to PlayDapp, provide an opportunity to appeal to more Japanese customers.

    DozerDolls gained in CryptoDozer, for example, are employed as the primary characters in DozerBird as part of the item connection, each with special ability enhancements (Shield, Booster, Obstacle Prediction). This aids players in collecting Key fragments, which may be used to open CryptoDozer item boxes.

    Players can experience increased speed and decreased gas prices while generating an NFT by using the LINE blockchain for DozerBird on Google Play Store. Using simple touch controls, players must collect things and avoid obstacles while attempting to fly as far as possible in order to beat their own record.

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