• The Cryptocurrency Girls are back with a new music video featuring the NFT

  • You’re in luck if you think the crypto industry is getting too serious and needs a little comedy to lighten the atmosphere. The Cryptocurrency Girls, an anarchist all-female Japanese J-pop group, has returned with a new song, this time about non-fungible coins (NFTs).
    On the eve of the crypto winter of 2018, the group made news in Japan and internationally, donning emblems representing major tokens including bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and binance coin (BNB) – and being paid in cryptoassets by their talent agency, refusing to accept fiat yen payments.

    However, since their sensational debut in 2018, the trio has been somewhat silent. However, the group’s most recent comeback tries to remedy the wrongs by releasing Japanese and English versions of the song “NFT The World.”

    The song and the group were created by the Cinderella Academy agency, which is expected to release a collection of Cryptocurrency Girls-themed NFTs next month (wait for it…).

    According to a Cinderella press release, the movie depicts the group being transported to Japan during the Edo period (1608-1867), where they must employ NFTs and crypto to save the residents of a town from danger. Or something along those lines.

    The NFTs in question contain eight Ukiyoe-style artworks from the Edo period, each depicting a different member of the group. An NFT of the original Japanese music video and a corresponding token for the English version is also available. You might also view it for free on YouTube. Whatever your heart desires.

    The females make a brave attempt to explain what an NFT is in the song, crooning:

    “NFT stands for “one and only digital data in the world,” which no one can replicate or alter because blockchain technology is built on it.


    They also make a point of mentioning that “artists receive royalties anytime someone buys NFTs.”

    The girls go on to say, however, that they should be cautious:

    “However, you must exercise extreme caution when purchasing data/ There is no assurance after receiving data/ Even if it is a forgery.”

    What is their advice? “Don’t forget to check out the official websites and social media!”

    The girls (or their publicists) explained on the group’s official website:

    “With the new song, we sought to emphasize not only the benefits of NFTs, but also their drawbacks.” Furthermore, we want to promote and support the idea that this is a type of technology that has the potential to pave the way for a bright future in the entertainment industry. We’re still learning, but we’ll study diligently every day and try our best to assist you. Thank you very much!”

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