• The Captain America NFT series has been launched by Marvel

  • Marvel Entertainment has announced the release of its latest NFT series, which will include tokenized Captain America collectibles. Marvel Entertainment has revealed the first edition of the Marvel Mightys collectibles in collaboration with VeVe.

    Captain America digital tokens will kick off the series, including one-of-a-kind tokens of Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and John F. Walker — as well as their most lethal nemesis, the Red Skull. The auction is set to take place today, August 14. The Captain America NFT auction will be open to the entire world. All individual digital figures will have varying levels of rarity, and with this Marvel Mightys release, will only be sold in a Blind Box format for US $13.00.

    The Marvel Mightys — Season 1 — Captain America series will feature:
    • COMMON – Steve Rogers – Price: $13.00; Quantity: 28,888
    • COMMON – Sam Wilson – Price: $13.00; Quantity: 28,888
    • UNCOMMON – John F. Walker – Price: $13.00; Quantity: 18,888
    • RARE – Bucky Barnes – Price: $13.00; Quantity: 11,888
    • ULTRA-RARE – Red Skull – Price: $13.00; Quantity: 4,888
    NFT Spider-Man series

    The release of Marvel Mightys Captain America follows the release of Spider-Man last week, which was part of the Modern Marvel Series 1 — Spider-Man. Both of these NFT series debuted during the Marvel Month celebration. Spider-Man broke the internet when all 60,500 digital statues were sold within 24 hours of their release.

    Furthermore, with the release of the first-ever Marvel NFT, Spider-Man, the company confirmed upcoming NFT hauls for fans in collaboration with VeVe. Marvel superheroes tokens such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain America, as well as digital comic books, have been incorporated into the Marvel Month celebration.

    “Spider-Man is one of the most iconic superheroes in the Marvel Universe, so there was no better way to begin our global digital collectibles experience with Veve… “We can’t wait to bring Marvel fans and collectors even more exciting drops throughout August and beyond,” said Marvel Entertainment president Dan Buckley.

    Obsession with NFT

    This year, the NFT market is blooming, with a rising popularity trend. To keep up with the trending and profitable digital network, more players are entering the NFT sphere. Business magazines, sports legends, multi-million dollar art galleries, commercial behemoths such as Coca-Cola, and even high-fashion brands have all incorporated NFTs into their marketing plans for 2021, and the list is only getting longer and more expensive.

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