• Tezos’ XTZ stock rises 13% as a new NFT platform is launched

  • Over the course of its protocol, the high-speed proof-of-stake blockchain is seeing novel use cases emerge.

    Tezos (XTZ) prices jumped over 13% yesterday, according to data from numerous sources, following the debut of a new NFT platform and increased user activity on the network.

    With a market worth of $3.5 billion at press time, the token is ranked 45th, but it has made strides in the previous year in terms of technology and corporate collaborations to expand its retail footprint.

    Tezos NFTs for Football

    Golden Goals was launched on the Tezos network earlier this week. The protocol is a football-focused NFT merchandising tool that aims to provide supporters of local and international football clubs with a “digital” experience.

    Tezos was chosen by Golden Goals because of its environmental considerations and emphasis on becoming a “green” blockchain, according to the company.

    FC Nantes, a top-rated French team with eight Ligue 1 medals under its belt, has already signed on to the protocol. Supporters and fans can now match the club’s certified non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to actual products such as official autographed football shirts as part of the agreement.

    The clubs are given access to a platform where they may create, mint, and sell NFTs. The platform will support two different sorts of tokens. The first, dubbed Goal NFTs, are certified and may only be made by clubs themselves.

    The network does, however, allow fans to create their own tokens, known as Fan NFTs, which do not have unique rights like being linked to tangible stuff.

    Apart from the NFT aspect, Golden Goals allows fans to donate to their club using cryptocurrency, allowing fans to monetize their support for local communities and teams.

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