• Stephen Curry’s new avatar for the Golden State Warriors is a bored ape purchased via FTX for 55 ETH

  • Stephen Curry, the NBA champion, has entered the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with Bored Ape Yacht Club.

    On Saturday, Justin Taylor, Twitter’s Head of Consumer Product Marketing, whose Twitter handle is also a Bored Ape, welcomed Stephen to the fam, saying, “now he’s posting selfies in the BoredApeYC discord!”

    The two-time MVP not only changed his Twitter profile picture (pfp) to the Bored Ape he purchased, but he also added “BAYC” to his link bio.

    The gamer paid $180,000 for the NFT with 55 ETH. According to Jonathan Cheesman, FTX’s head of over-the-counter and institutional sales, this purchase was also conducted through cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

    There are only 10,000 apes in all, each with a unique set of costumes, hairstyles, and attitudes.

    Curry’s Bored Ape, in instance, has a yellow background, zombie eyes, a bored mouth, blue fur, and is dressed in a tweed suit, the latter being the rarest trait among all the features his NFT has, with just 1% of the Bored Ape collection possessing this trait.

    According to Dapp Radar, Bored Ape Yachts is one of the most popular NFTs, ranking among the top 5 all-time NFT collections with $318.6 million in volume and 21,149 in sales.

    Bore Ape Yacht Club saw 914 dealers handle more than $105 million in volume and 769 deals in the previous week. The organization also contributes a portion of its profits to charities, with the most recent donation of $850,000 in cryptocurrencies going to Orangutan Outreach.

    As it gathers traction, the floor price of Bored Apes, the cheapest accessible for sale, is also rising, now standing at 25 ETH.

    This week, payment giant Visa entered the NFT arena by purchasing a CryptoPunk for $150k, with Visa’s director of crypto stating that NFTs mark “the beginnings of a new chapter for digital commerce.”

    This transaction was facilitated by Gmoney, who oversees Delphi Digital’s INFNFT fund and believes Visa’s participation is “excellent for space” since it “validates that NFTs are here to stay.” They are not the only ones who will act in this manner.”

    As previously reported, social media giant Facebook is also planning to enter the NFT industry, with executive David Marcus noting,

    “We are obviously looking at a variety of methods to get involved in the sector because we believe we are in a very excellent position to do so.”

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