• Puma Buys ENS Domain and Makes Major Web3 Moves

  • Puma has also collaborated with Catblox on an NFT collection.

    Puma, a major sportswear company, has secured the ENS domain name for its NFT Collection. The company made the announcement by changing its Twitter handle to Puma.eth.

    In contrast to Adidas and Nike, this was Puma’s first foray into the world of web3 projects. Earlier in December, Nike launched its first foray into the space by acquiring virtual shoes startup RTFKT in order to launch NFT assets. Adidas quickly followed suit, announcing a collaboration with BAYC, GMoney, and Punk Comics for the Adidas Originals in January.

    Not Slow, but Late

    Puma may have been reluctant to hop on board, but their growth has been steady. Puma has risen to 13th on the list of most-followed Twitter accounts with.eth names since disclosing the.eth name on Twitter. With their large followings, Paris Hilton and Shaquille O’Neal are at the top of the Eth rankings.

    Budweiser, a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev, purchased Beer.eth on OpenSea through ENS last year for 30 ETH. White Castle has also registered the domain name whitecastleofficial.eth.

    When it comes to NFTs, Puma’s only move is the ENS. So far, the Puma wallet has received 18 NFTs from cat-themed collections. The firm paid 7.25 ETH for the Gutter Cat #1110 and 14 ETH for the Cool Cat #32. In addition, the company purchased lazy Lion #4609 from its former owner for 2.5 ETH. A Kuddle Koala NFT is also included in the company wallet.

    Puma has also collaborated with Catblox on an NFT collection.

    The ENS Domain of Puma Is Only the Beginning

    Following the acquisitions, Puma appears to be preparing to take a deep dive into the metaverse. The brand is looking for a Digital Culture Manager and a Brand Associate Creative Director, according to the company website.

    Applicants for the role must have a “knowledge of web3 including NFTs, gaming, metaverse, cryptocurrency, and DAOs,” among other things. Successful candidates would also be expected to “collaborate with cross-functional teams such as product, creative, communications, legal, and finance teams to launch Web3 initiatives and help build and execute Web3 executions.”

    Furthermore, the manager must be able to create presentations and materials for Web3 initiatives. He must also be capable of identifying possible Web3 relationships for Puma.

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