• Project Nebula – Zone Ownership Through a Tournament Series

  • Project Nebula, a strategic space adventure arena, is introducing a new land ownership mechanism in which fans will be able to run a base of operations within the cosmic realm.

    Real-estate is divided into “zones” due to the galactic nature of the proceedings. These zones will be located in the 141 regions that are close to the game’s starting sectors. These zones are impossible to conquer or destroy, but they are perfectly tradable. The outlying regions, on the other hand, are a completely different story. There will be no contracts of ownership in these badlands, which will be in a constant state of flux.

    Project Nebula will use healthy competition to determine the initial zone allocation. As a result, players must compete in a series of staggered tournaments for property ownership. The first of these competitions will begin on September 20 and will require players to scan a number of anomalies spread across 141 regions.

    The competition will last a month, with the winners being announced on October 20. In this first round, the most prolific anomaly scanners in each region will be assigned to one of 423 zones. Winners will receive two zone allocations, while runners-up will only receive one.

    Additional zone allocation tournaments will be held every month until the full supply of 5217 zones has been depleted. In addition, as shown in the diagram below, additional awards are available to deserving tournament participants:

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