• Project Galaxy Announces the NFT Pack, which includes $300 million in benefits for blockchain developers

  • Project Galaxy, an NFT firm, is teaming with numerous participants in the digital collectibles industry to give $300 million in benefits to blockchain developers. The company’s most recent project, branded the Shadowy Super Code NFT Pack, would provide subscriptions, tools, and transaction cost discounts to over 100,000 Ethereum developers who match the eligibility requirements.

    Project Galaxy will provide $300 million in benefits to Ethereum developers through the NFT Pack.

    Project Galaxy disclosed in a recent blog post that it was collaborating with Tenderly, Alchemy, Polygon, Gitcoin, and others to recognize and reward blockchain engineers who have contributed to the ecosystem.

    The name of this rewards scheme was inspired by a meme that mocked Senator Elizabeth Warren’s stance on cryptocurrency. “Crypto Puts Financial System in Hands of Shadowy Super-Coders,” Warren had previously stated.

    “Initially, we just wanted to design and reward this special Shadowy Super Coder NFT to all of those who contributed to this amazing ecosystem, but then we realized we can help the developers by recreating something similar to the GitHub education pack,” Project Galaxy co-founder Harry Zhang told us in a statement.

    Among the many advantages of the NFT pack are 20,000 free Polygon network transactions, free trials and discounts on blockchain platform Alchemy, and 50 tokens of Gitcoin’s native cryptocurrency GTC if users choose to join the network’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

    Candidates that are chosen will also receive incentives from Project Galaxy’s other partners, which include Ankr, OneKey, Torus, QuickNode, PARSIQ, and Curvegrid. Furthermore, everyone who is chosen for the program will receive an exclusive NFT based on the Shadowy Super Coder theme.

    The Pack’s Eligibility Requirements

    According to Project Galaxy’s statement, there are already 110,294 Ethereum addresses that are eligible for the benefits. According to the company, any address that deployed at least one smart contract before August 1, 2021 and had the contract interact with at least two different addresses is eligible to collect the awards.

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