• Platform for Developers based in Solana SolRazr Debuts Launchpad

  • SolRazr (SOLR), a pioneering all-in-one developer platform for the Solana (SOL) blockchain, has announced the launch date for its highly anticipated launchpad.

    On October 4, SolRazr’s launchpad will go live.

    According to a press release distributed to ULTCOIN365, its decentralized tokensale platform (SolRazr Launchpad) will go live on October 4, 2021.

    The first tokensale for the new platform will be the initial decentralized exchange offering of SOLR, a core utility and governance asset of SolRazr. It is also scheduled for October 4.

    The tokensale aims to raise $250,000 for the next stage of SolRazr development. In the coming days, the SOLR price and the total number of tokens available for this sale will be revealed.

    Fifty percent of SOLR tokens will be unlocked immediately when the tokensale begins, with the remaining allocation unlocked in five months (10 percent per month).

    Solana’s developer ecosystem is being advanced (SOL)

    Sreekanth Kalapur, co-founder of SolRazr, emphasizes the significance of the SOLR token for the project’s technological and community evolution:

    SOLR will function as a utility token and is essential to the operation of our Launchpad. SOLR tokens must be staked in order to be allocated to future IDOs on our platform.

    The SolRazr (SOLR) ecosystem will speed up the development of Solana-based projects by allowing them to securely raise funds in a decentralized manner.

    The platform will be optimized for low-cost token sales by early-stage teams. SolRazr (SOLR) will also support operations on Solana using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) (SOL).

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