• Piñazza, a gamified NFT project, has launched an NFT drop today.

  • Piazza, which donates money to mental health organisations, has introduced the Piazza Pias on www.pinazza.fun today. Collectors of NFTs are encouraged to pair, match, and mix. Everyone who creates a token (Pia) will receive a future airdrop of a Piazza Pizza NFT for free. A select members of the community will be chosen at random to earn one hundred tokens. A portion of the revenues will be donated to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) through a DAO.

    Who is behind the initiative?

    Wiley Mathews, an early crypto enthusiast who helped stage Crypto HQ Davos, the 20 Million Dollar Pizza Party, the Crypto Psychedelic Conference, and other landmark events, and Michael Lennicx, former art director for Nickelodeon Animation Studios, collaborated on the project. Clients of the latter include MTV, Lego, Sesame Street, Marvel Comics, and others.

    Mathews, one of the initiative’s co-creators, detailed the initiative:

    “Through a creative gamified NFT drop that also helps a very worthy cause, we are bringing fun into the NFT space. Piazza NFTs are not only appealing collectibles, but they will also open up new potential for pleasure and utility throughout the metaverse, so we are very pleased to bring them to the community.”

    Lennicx went on to say:

    “With Piazza, we stretched the bounds of normal pfp NFTs: we experimented with character poses, extreme expressions, and more detailed backgrounds. This resulted in a higher-quality product and a diverse cast of people, some of whom were unexpected, which I believe will provide the NFT community with countless laughter and inspiration.”

    10K one-of-a-kind NFTs, 10K Pizza NFTs, and full commercial token use

    The drop will include decentralized governance, in which the community decides the future of each Piazza, as well as Full IP and commercial use of each Piazza. The first drop contains 10,000 randomly created Pia NFTs, whereas the second has 10,000 Pizza NFTs. Furthermore, the entire set will include more than 50 rare “Pinazza Perfects.”

    The drop, which is safely housed on IPFS, features reasonable limits on mint amounts as well as an instant revelation of NFTs. The entire collection has around 300 million different combinations of unique Piazzas. At the end of the sales, Piazza will donate $50,000 to mental health nonprofits chosen by community supporters.

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