• PARSIQ Launches an IQ Protocol with a Subscription Model for the NFT Era

  • The IQ Protocol, a novel product developed by the PARSIQ (PRQ) blockchain analytics platform team, is set to rethink how the off-chain and on-chain worlds are currently connected.

    Subscriptions with a blockchain-agnostic solution

    PARSIQ (PRQ), a leading decentralized team focused on developing interoperability protocols for interaction between off-chain and on-chain modules, announces the release of its IQ Protocol to introduce the concept of subscriptions to blockchain-oriented businesses.

    That being said, any enterprise can experiment with features such as cancel/refund policies, different time-frame considerations, consumption rate quotas, discounts, and more in their subscriptions policy using IQ Protocol.

    The PowerTokens concept is used by IQ Protocol to achieve this goal. PowerTokens serve as a unit of accounting for using resources in B2B systems, rather than as a traditional tokenized currency.

    As a result, regardless of its stance on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, any business can easily integrate IQ Protocol.

    The IQ Protocol is designed for DeFi and NFT products.

    As IQ Protocol is being released in the midst of the DeFi and NFT euphorias, it boasts features that allow its customers to benefit from both.

    PRQ tokens can be locked using the IQ Protocol, allowing holders to earn yields on their investments. PARSIQ also accepts PRQ tokens as a payment instrument.

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