• NFTs appear in Times Square, thanks to Lucky Maneki

  • Lucky Maneki Community has chosen New York’s Time Square’s largest billboard for the launch of its new collection of Japanese NFT cats.

    NFT Promotional Materials

    According to reports, the new Non-fungible token line will include 11,358 avatars. Each new Maneki Gang NFT has eight distinct characteristics: background, skin, eyes, mouth, hat, collar, clothes, and paw.

    These Maneki Gangs, also known as the “Luckiest NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain,” join the Lucky Maneki Community’s previous collection of 14,159 NFTs, which was released on August 30, 2021.

    Furthermore, the Time Squares billboard advertising campaign appears to be the kittens’ only mode of promotion.

    The Lucky Maneki brand had been featured on Von Schiller Live Stream and a few NBA Top Shot influencer YouTube channels for special giveaways weeks before the launch.

    On the day of the new collection’s reveal, the Maneki Gang Reveal Party was also held on Discord.

    NFT Lucky Maneki: marketing, decentralization, and metaverse

    The decision by Lucky Maneki Community to promote its brand and the new NFT collection suggests that marketing has an impact on the collectible token sector.

    The stated goals of the brand include not only increasing the number of unique owners of both collections, but also the establishment of a merchandise shop.

    Not only that, but the Lucky Maneki Community would like to implement the community’s DAO and launch new collections to create metaverse experiences while remaining in the decentralized world.

    In practice, the decentralized community cultivates and maintains the project directly.

    Each member’s vote counts, and each Lucky Maneki Brand NFT can increase user participation in the DAO. In this regard, each Lucky Maneki Brand NFT holder will have unrestricted rights to license, copy, and display the purchased art in any way they see fit.

    A sort of “decentralized brand” structure, complete with challenges and rewards.

    The idea here, as with other already popular NFT projects, will be to create a metaverse in the world of Luckeania, in which the Maneki are the protagonist creatures, magical and endowed with luck and prosperity energies.

    Different perspectives on NFTs and the Metaverse

    At the end of August, John Hanke, CEO of Niantic and creator of Pokémon Go, spoke out about the metaverse, describing it as a “dystopian nightmare.”

    According to Hanke, the metaverse, which many NFT creators are pursuing, has the potential to become the worst human nightmare. In essence, if this new dimension is not demonstrated to be a technological advancement that benefits humanity, it risks becoming a virtual refuge from reality.

    Nonetheless, the number of NFT projects that are creating new meta-verses is clearly increasing.

    Other projects, such as OVR‘s decentralized platform for geolocated Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, are expanding in addition to the recently announced Lucky Maneki Community.

    Facebook has also joined the metaverse bandwagon. According to reports, Mark Zuckerberg stated in an interview that the company may soon become a metaverse, and that Facebook is working on it.

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