• NFT exhibition series launched by Playboy and Sevens Foundation to support underrepresented digital artists

  • Playboy and the Sevens Foundation have teamed up to create a four-part NFT series that will focus on speech, gender, sexuality, and other core Playboy editorial themes. Through a new grant facilitated by Sevens, the series will help support digital artists by allowing them to mint and sell their work.

    Embracing new art forms and celebrating diversity by pushing the envelope.

    The first installment of the series, The Art of Gender and Sexuality, encourages artists to celebrate the power of diverse identities. Playboy was the first major erotic magazine to feature a transgender person on its cover. Always pushing the envelope, the magazine is ready to embrace new forms of art and technology, such as NFTs, as they did with their recent debuts of the Miami Beach Art Collection and the Liquid Summer Collection.

    Liz Suman, Playboy’s Vice President of Art Curation and Editorial and a member of the curatorial panel, stated:

    “One of the things I’m most excited about as a woman working at Playboy and as a female curator working in the digital art space is the opportunity to build on that legacy by working with more female artists and diverse voices. Sevens is the only organization I know that is dedicated to promoting underrepresented digital artists.”

    On the collaboration, Tim Kang, Sevens Developer, added:

    “The Sevens Foundation works to ensure that social issues remain integral and fair for all participants in the global promise of blockchain. It is an important goal for us to elevate women and LGBTQ+ voices, and it is critical to do so within this burgeoning industry to ensure past cultures of cis-male pervasiveness are broken and healthy equality and understanding are achieved on a global scale.”

    NFT artworks will be minted for free by Playboy.

    The deadline for submissions is today, and it will last for one month. Artists’ works will be mint and returned as an NFT by Playboy. There will be no profit for either Sevens or Playboy. The works of the fifty finalists will be on display at a Playboy x Sevens activation at the NFT NYC conference in November.

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