• Naomi Osaka’s NFT is being sold to raise awareness about athlete mental health

  • An auction on Basic will resell a rare non-fungible token (NFT) produced by tennis champion Naomi Osaka. Space.

    In April, Osaka collaborated with her sister Mari on a six-piece line. On Basic.Space, the first five were auctioned off. They sold for about $600,000 in total, with one fetching over $200,000. Meanwhile, the sixth Osaka NFT was raffled off to the general public. The NFT is now available for sale in a global auction by the winner of that raffle. The silent auction will begin on July 26 at 9 a.m. ET.

    “Finding What Was Lost” is the title of the digital artwork being auctioned. Naomi’s favorite of the six, according to Osaka’s sister. The NFTs for the Osakas were developed on the Flow blockchain, which is best known for its NBA Top Shots NFTs.

    Mental health awareness is important.

    A part of the net earnings will go toward raising mental health awareness and providing assistance to athletes all across the world. Donations to NGOs like Athletes for Hope fall within this category. The money will go to the organization’s newly announced Whole Being Athlete initiative. The project’s goal is to encourage athletes while also raising mental health awareness.

    Jason Belinkie, COO of Athletes for Hope, stated that athletes are battling with their mental health now more than ever. “With one in every five individuals being diagnosed with a mental illness, it’s become the most sought cause for advocacy, connection, and support from our athlete network,” he said. Belinkie expressed his company’s “pleasure” at being able to assist Osaka in “continuing this critical effort in the mental health space.”

    The influence of the NFT

    The sale of the piece, according to Shea Newkirk, founder of CryptoStache.com, has special relevance for sports NFTs. “While professional athletes have sold some huge NFTs in the last six months, Naomi Osaka’s constant and positive presence in the public spotlight will almost certainly propel this auction to a new NFT record,” he said.

    Boxer Tyson Fury established the NFT sales record for an athlete last week, selling a single-edition piece for $987,000. Fury has a history of releasing NFTs, dating back to earlier this year. Patrick Mahomes, a football player, sold an NFT for $247,000 in March, which Rob Gronkowski later surpassed with a sale of $430,000.

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