• Mint a FREE NFT Avatar & 3D Printable Model with Your Lucky Maneki

  • Lucky Maneki’s purrfectly lucky world is back to reward its adoring cat and kitten fans. Since the official launch earlier this year, a lot has happened for these magical creatures in the land of Luckeania.

    The project’s roadmap has been unfolding at breakneck speed, and Maneki owners have been pleasantly surprised in a variety of ways. Holders of Maneki NFTs have formed a close-knit and exciting community in which each holder has the ability to vote and contribute to the project’s development. This is accomplished through an independent voting system, and the DAO currently holds approximately 40 ETH.

    This month, Maneki holders will be rewarded with an exciting Maneki drop – anyone who owns a Maneki will be able to claim a stunning, free 1 of 1 avatar/pfp NFT from the new Maneki Gang collection. The NFTs are built with a simpler rarity in mind, and are specially designed to serve as a profile pic. The drop is scheduled for August 23rd, so prepare your wallets, furry friends.

    Models in 3D Printing

    Not only that, but a brand new 3D drop with 30 to 40 different models will be available soon. You will be able to claim one free 3D NFT for every three Manekis you own, which will also be available for 3D printing!

    Community Development

    In recent months, the project has expanded in a variety of ways to better serve the community. Every day, a random wallet is selected to win 0.2 ETH, and every day, a random Discord user is selected to win a Maneki.

    There are also two daily Diamond Challenges running, in which wallets with Manekis less than 0.25 ETH are eligible for the Diamond Hands challenge reward. Furthermore, every day between 6 PM EST and 6 PM EST the following day, any purchase gives you a chance to win the Sniper Maneki challenge reward.

    The team recently signed a deal with LandVault, so Manekis will live in AvatarLand alongside Gutter Cat Gang and other projects, and our world will be there as well. There are rumors that cute Manekis will be running around The Sandbox in the near future.

    If you’re not already a fan of Lucky Maneki, you should be. They’re gorgeous Japanese beckoning cat characters with changing backgrounds, bodies, heads, and items in both hands.

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