• Mastercard Has Launched a Crypto and Blockchain Engagement Program for Startups Called “Start Path”

  • According to a recent press release, Mastercard has launched its Start Path program, which will assist startups working with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in developing marketplaces for NFTs, launching new digital assets, and more by providing access to new partnerships, tools, and other benefits.

    Mastercard will assist bitcoin businesses.

    Uphold, Taurus, STACS, Mintable, and others are among the seven companies that have joined Mastercard’s engagement initiative.

    They’ll collaborate with the payments behemoth to bring more innovations to the realm of digital assets, making it simple for both retail and institutional investors to acquire, store, and spend crypto and other digital assets.

    Mintable (headquartered in Singapore), for example, is a marketplace for creating, purchasing, and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other DLT-based assets such as digital collectibles, music, and so on.

    Also on the list is GK8, which provides an end-to-end custody platform for financial institutions, allowing anyone to self-manage their digital assets.

    What challenges would this program assist in resolving?

    The program’s purpose is to address issues that crypto businesses frequently face, such as data accuracy, tokenization, and a smooth transfer from the traditional to a digital economy.

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