• Madagascar Time Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency to Aid Global Charities

  • Madagascar Time Limited, a startup, has launched a cryptocurrency to help fund global clarity work.

    Madagascar Time Limited, a new startup, has announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency for charitable purposes. $TIME was created to aid in the global fight against climate change and poverty. Raymond Mullens, Armand Iancu, Ryan Bishop, and Corey Blanchette are the co-founders of Madagascar. They are putting crypto to good use and affecting positive change with the help of a global team of volunteers and interns.

    According to the Madagascar Time website, their name was chosen due to Madagascar’s vulnerability to climate change and the use of a lemur as its logo to represent the island’s declining population. The coin’s name, $TIME, was chosen to “underscore the urgent need for action to save our planet and safeguard the lives of future generations.”

    The team’s goal is to promote positive change while also providing entertainment and games to a community of fans. According to the company, “as well as bridge different blockchain platforms.” Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Matic are available to $TIME holders at launch.

    “Spin the Wheel and Match Cards” is the current $TIME app offering. The game is the first step toward the team’s planned casino and exchange listings, which are already on CoinTiger. The company intends to develop and market games centered on its lemur-based NFT avatars, which can be purchased and traded for charitable purposes.

    $TIME is already making a difference.

    Since July 1, the project claims to have donated more than $30,000 to the Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Relief fund and the California Wildfire Emergency Relief fund, as well as planted 4,000 of a planned 1 million trees.

    Donations are also being sent to countries such as Turkey, China, and Greece. These international projects are concerned with social issues such as education, low-income new mothers, children’s medical needs, and wildlife conservation.

    Ryan Bishop, Madagascar Time’s co-founder and chief marketing officer, said in a statement, “It’s about ‘$TIME,’ an organization that started using blockchain technology and crypto to change the world for the better.” We can buy $TIME for the planet and future generations if we work together.”

    Corey Blanchette, the company’s Chief Content Officer, added, “Protecting the environment must be more than a pipe dream; we must do it as a global community in a sustainable and efficient manner.” That is what prompted us to develop $TIME, but it is only the beginning.”

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