• Logan Paul Spent $150,000 on NFTs that Look Like Minecraft Rocks

  • Logan Paul, a social media personality, recently purchased NFTs of what appear to be two pixelated images of Minecraft-like rocks for a hefty sum of $150,000.

    Logan Paul Purchased NFTs Worth More Than $150,000

    Logan Paul, the internet’s favorite, is another celebrity making a name for himself in the NFT metaverse. The 26-year-old YouTuber’s recent interest in crypto has captured the industry’s attention with his recently launched CryptoZoo project, which allows owners to breed, trade, and collect hybrid animal NFTs.

    With a $700,000 purchase for his favorite punk, he also got his hands on the industry’s most in-demand CryptoPunks NFTs. The influencer appears to have made another $150,000 splurge on digital collectibles.

    “I literally skipped dinner last night to get these.”
    Paul’s recent purchase, dubbed Rock 65 and Rock 68, consists of two NFTs pixelated images of rocks resembling Minecraft.

    While he admits that the whole thing seemed strange to him, calling it “ridiculous,” he emphasized its digital history.

    “I know it’s absurd, but it’s digital history, and I think they’re pretty cool.”

    Rock NFTs are being purchased by investors for millions of dollars.

    The world of NFT continues to fascinate with its innovation, creativity, and, at times, absurdity. Two recent NFT projects, Ether Rock and We Like The Rocks (the latter of which Paul purchased), feature bizarre collectibles of 100 unique pixelated images of rocks.

    Both NFTs were launched in 2017 and appear to be very similar on the surface. While both race to be the original NFT project, NFT enthusiasts continue to debate which appears to be the reliable ‘rock.’

    At the same time, Ether Rock issues a warning:

    “Be wary of any other projects claiming to sell rock NFTs, as they may be scams or use buggy exploited contracts (e.g. ‘we like the rocks’ or weliketherocks.com).”

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