• Kings of Leon Launch Charity NFT Rock Song Into Space

  • Kings of Leon have joined the apparent growing trend of launching music into space. SpaceX, a pioneer in space flight, is assisting them along the way.

    Inspiration4 will launch on September 15 with a payload made up entirely of civilian crew members and will then enter a three-day orbit around the planet. One of these intrepid explorers will be in possession of an NFT copy of Kings of Leon’s “Time in Disguise.” As a result, while admiring the unsurprisingly spherical planet, they will play the song in its entirety.

    Surprisingly, the track’s delivery system is a little more traditional. As a result, the song will travel via iPhone and end up in the pocket of traveller Hayley Arceneaux. With this in mind, it is disappointing to learn that Mr. Musk’s rocket ship lacks a good sound system. Both the NFT and the iPhone on which it is currently stored are being auctioned off to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. As a result, bidding on Yellow Heart is now open, with a reserve price of $50,000.

    Inspiration4 is a watershed moment for SpaceX and the wider universe because it is the first long-duration space mission with an entirely civilian crew. Four gifted members of the general public will be able to witness a cosmic realm miracle as a result of this endeavor.

    Anyway, as a million cryptocurrency enthusiasts scream in unison, “to the moon, Elon, TO THE MOON!”

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