• Kava Swap, a cross-chain liquidity hub, will go live in 10 days

  • Kava Labs, the developer of the DeFi platform Kava, has announced the long-awaited launch of its mainnet, Kava Swap. The Kava Swap mainnet will launch in 10 days, according to the team’s announcement on Twitter today.

    The platform will go live on August 30 at 14:00 UTC, according to the team. The Kava Swap platform, according to the Kava Swap team, will be the easiest place to buy, trade, and earn cryptos within the Kava ecosystem.

    Kava Swap aims to facilitate capital aggregation. This is where they seamlessly deploy it across blockchain ecosystems, DeFi Apps, and Financial Services.

    According to the official Medium blog, Kava Swap allows users to seamlessly swap between assets from different blockchains. Allow them to invest their money in market-making (MM) pools, where they can earn high returns.

    Furthermore, the team stated that each app on the Kava Platform works in tandem with the others. This means that Kava CDPs enable users to create stablecoins. Furthermore, they can invest these coins in the HARD money market to earn profits.

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