• John Lennon’s Son Backs Cardano Creator’s Opposition to Crypto Taxation Amendment

  • Sean Ono Lennon, the younger son of legendary Beatles musician John Lennon, is known for his pro-crypto stance, particularly pro-Bitcoin.

    He has taken to Twitter to support his thesis by commenting on a recent live stream video published by Cardano and IOHK founder Charles Hoskinson.

    Lennon criticizes the White House for its support of the anti-crypto amendment.

    Lennon stated on Twitter that the crypto industry is about restoring power to the people and reclaiming it from banks and governments. As a result, he claims, crypto poses a significant threat to economic and government hegemony.

    As a result, he is not surprised that the White House has backed Senator Portman’s amendment to the crypto taxing initiative.

    Lennon endorses Charles Hoskinson’s recent live stream message to the crypto industry, in which he calls for an industry-wide response to the tough crypto taxing initiative and anti-crypto US Senators and Congressmen.

    Crypto threatens the very pillars of state and economic hegemony, returning power to the people. It is thus no surprise that the White House supports a bill that would cripple progress in this industry in order to placate the overlords. — Seán Ono Lennon (@seanonolennon) August 6, 2021

    The White House is referred to by Lennon as crypto “luddites.”

    In another tweet, Sean Lennon, in response to a comment, reminds prominent trader and crypto blogger Ivan on Tech of the presence of powers that are always opposed to technological progress because new machines will put them out of business.

    As an example, he cited the horse industry’s opposition to first automobiles and trains, as well as telephone companies’ criticism of the Internet and the free connection it provides.

    Now, according to Lennon, bankers are against crypto because they are afraid of losing their astronomical profits and power, and the US government is coming to their aid.

    The horse and buggy industry was against trains. The train industry was against cars. The telephone industry was against the internet. Big oil was against EVs. Now the bankers are against Crypto and the White House supports them. LUDDITES—history never judges them well. — Seán Ono Lennon (@seanonolennon) August 6, 2021

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