• Is it a good time to purchase Waves now, or should you wait?

  • This trading week, the cryptocurrency market is rising; Bitcoin has risen beyond $34000 once again, which is good news for Waves WAVES/USD. Since July 21, Waves has risen from $11.67 to $15.5, with the current price hovering around $15.5.

    Waves is a platform that allows users to create tokens without having to know how to program.

    Waves is a comprehensive blockchain gateway platform that serves as a testing ground for new ideas and allows you to build computer programs that run on a distributed computing system. Waves was founded in 2016 and has remained among the top 100 most popular cryptocurrencies ever since.

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    Waves provide a developer-friendly infrastructure, and you should utilize WAVES coins to communicate with it. Waves provides cheap transaction fees that start at 0.001 WAVES for ordinary transactions and 0.005 WAVES for script-based transactions.

    Waves allows you to trade any pair of tokens without having to go through an intermediary currency, and it’s worth noting that the Waves platform has a total supply of 103 million tokens. You don’t need any programming knowledge to launch a smart token on Waves, and it’s as easy as clicking a few buttons.

    Waves is a very unusual initiative with a lot of promise; its popularity is growing over the world, and more and more exchanges are starting to accept it. Waves may rise to levels last seen in May 2021, although this is unlikely to happen in the coming weeks or perhaps months.

    The cryptocurrency market has been rising for several days, but traders should keep in mind that the possibility of another drop is still present, and they should hold off on putting any long bets until Bitcoin approaches a firmer resistance level.

    “Potential investors trying to purchase the dip should be aware that variations are to be expected, and they should expect this level of volatility in the future. Much if you invest now, when prices are low, expect them to drop even further,” said Humphrey Yang, a personal finance consultant at Humphrey Talks.

    Technical analysis: A strong support level of $12 has been identified.

    The cryptocurrency market is rising this week; nevertheless, there is still a chance of another drop, and prices could take a long time to recover. Waves has risen from $11.67 to $16 since July 21st, however, if Bitcoin’s price falls below the $30000 support, it will have a negative impact on Waves.

    The current support level is $12, while the major resistance levels are $18 and $20. If the price drops below $12, it’s a clear “sell” signal, and we’re looking at a drop to $10 or even lower.

    If the price rises above $18, the next price goal is likely to be around $20.


    This trading week, the cryptocurrency market is rising; Bitcoin has risen beyond $34000 once again, which is good news for Waves. Despite this, the possibility of another drop remains, and if the price falls below $12 support, it will be a strong “sell” signal, with a clear path below $10.

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