• In Brazil, Burger King accepts Dogecoin for charitable purposes

  • In Brazil, Burger King is accepting Dogecoin as a form of payment for a promotional initiative.

    Burger King said Monday that its grilled meat-flavored dog biscuit, Dogpper, will now accept DOGE as payment.

    The biscuit will cost 3 DOGE (about 3 Brazilian reals), with the goal of connecting the dog product to the cryptocurrency with a dog as its brand.

    In fact, Burger King’s commercial campaign asks, “What’s the greatest way to pay for a dog-friendly product?” Of course, there’s Dogecoin.

    To use this payment method, go to a specific page on the company’s official website and complete a few steps, which include checking whether the service is available in your area, selecting the number of biscuits you want to buy, and sending DOGE directly to the restaurant’s wallet, which will deliver the purchased biscuits to your door.

    As a result, this is a promotional online sale with a clear propaganda goal, and Dogecoin will not be able to be used to purchase other goods or pay at actual restaurants.

    Due to a cooperation with Petlove, it appears that the offer will only last a week and that the whole cash collected would be donated to animal welfare NGOs.

    Dogpper is a limited-edition product available only in Brazil for the time being.

    Because the earnings of Dogecoin will be donated to charity, the corporation is unlikely to use the DOGE received, instead of passing them on to Petlove.

    As a result, this is solely a marketing initiative, taking advantage of the popularity of the dog cryptocurrency to promote a limited-time sales deal. We’ll have to wait and watch if the restaurant chain decides to accept DOGE in the future, in any location and for any type of purchase.

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