• Immutable X has successfully raised $60 million in Series B funding

  • Immutable, a Layer 2 pioneer, has raised a massive $60 million in Series B funding, bringing the total amount raised in all rounds to $77.5 million.

    Bitkraft Ventures and King River Capital, as well as a number of other key contributors, led the latest effort. As a result, the additional round of funding will ensure Immutable’s future as well as provide the necessary cash injection to propel the company forward.

    Immutable will use the additional funds to expand their sales and engineering departments, as well as fund new and exciting play-to-earn gaming collaborations. With gaming heavyweights like Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians already under their wing, the Australian startup can only go up from here.

    ImmutableX, the company’s flagship project, is a layer 2 scaling solution that validates transactions using zero-knowledge proofs. As a result, the source of everyone’s rage, the dreaded gas tax, is removed from the equation. They also run an environmentally friendly layer 2 chain that buys carbon credits to keep their environmental impact to a minimum.

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