• Humswap is the second project announced by NGD to participate in the Early Adoption Program

  • Humswap has been named the second project to be accepted into the N3 Early Adoption Program by Neo Global Development. The Early Adoption Program is designed to encourage the creation of new dApps on the Neo N3 blockchain. As part of the program, NGD will provide resources and incubation opportunities to help businesses grow.

    Humswap is a Neo N3-based DeFi platform that will provide liquidity pools for various tokens, a marketplace for NFTs, and token swapping. It will also allow users to participate in games and win prizes.

    Aside from its DeFi use cases, the Humswap team aims to make the platform enjoyable for users by providing a variety of games. The first game, “Pita Toss,” allows users to spend a small amount of GAS to flip a pita. Playing the game will result in a pita NFT (99% chance) or a hummus NFT (1 percent chance). A rare NFT, such as hummus, may provide the owner with bonuses or enable other features on Humswap. Other potential features include rewarding liquidity providers with NFTs that multiply LP rewards or providing additional Pita Toss chances.

    Humswap is one of the Neo Frontier Launchpad Excellence award winners, created by Mario Lopez and Jason Tezanos. The founders appeared on episode 59 of the Neo News Today podcast to talk about their project and its inspiration.

    Details on the Early Adoption Program

    NGD’s Early Adoption Program has provided grants totaling $10 million to qualified teams and individuals. The program’s goal is to boost overall participation in the Neo ecosystem. NGD anticipates that new ecosystem entrants based on Neo N3 will be able to optimize the network through real-world use and testing. Finally, NGD believes the program will aid in the establishment of Neo N3’s infrastructure while also raising awareness.

    NGD is looking for a wide range of dApp and product ideas, with a particular interest in the following types of projects:

    • The Neo N3 MainNet infrastructure (i.e., browsers, compilers, middleware)
    • NeoID, NeoFS, Oracle, and other Neo N3 Application layer core components are used in product development (i.e., DeFi, NFTs, and general dApps)
    • Concepts with business applications that combine the physical and digital worlds (i.e., social media, e-commerce projects)
    • Use cases involving regulations (i.e., payment and traditional financial digitization projects)
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