• Homeros Appoints New C-Level Executives to Expand Blockchain Adoption and DeFi Opportunities

  • Homeros has recently welcomed new C-Level executives on board, all of whom are experts in the crypto space, particularly within their specific niche, under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Peter Najarian. For example, newly appointed CEO Alex Richards is a seasoned blockchain professional with extensive experience in project management, acceleration, and global marketing.

    Homeros hopes to reach new heights under CEO Richards’ leadership in its goal to encourage large-scale adoption and enhancement of the blockchain ecosystem. Richards intends to push Homeros forward with decentralized finance opportunities and to facilitate the enhancement of its blockchain ecosystem.

    Innovative DeFi Solutions are reshaping the blockchain space.

    Homeros presents blockchain-based solutions that benefit the DApp development community by resolving issues that have plagued the crypto ecosystem since its inception. It benefits the crypto community by providing enhanced security, massive scalability, widespread interoperability, and complete authenticity. It aims to benefit the decentralized asset and application space by providing secure and accessible monetization opportunities for all stakeholders by keeping both users and developers at the center of its product offerings.

    Homeros, which features an improved version of a third-generation mainnet, is capable of handling up to 300,000 transactions per second (TPS) using top-tier block generation systems. It uses the Dual Delegated Proof of Stake consensus protocol (DDPoS), which eliminates all of the challenges that previous generation blockchain ecosystems faced, such as conflict of interests and the time required to reach consensus.

    Homeros will enable multiple DeFi opportunities by channeling the power of seamless and optimized DeFi infrastructure. In addition, its utility coin, HMR, will be used for Homeros mainnet services such as DApp crowdfunding, In-DApp purchases, and yield rewards.

    In terms of product offerings, here are some of Homeros’ most important features:

    DApp Marketplace Homeros

    The Homeros Marketplace provides a scalable and secure platform from which players can select from a variety of DApps. Players can use the free DApps available on Homeros, or they can purchase Premium DApps that have received critical acclaim from the community.

    The Homeros team and the HMR community are expected to review and rate all DApps. Furthermore, users have the option of using DApps for free or purchasing DApps based on their preferences.

    Premium DApps can also be created through collaboration between DApp developers and supporters. In terms of premium DApps, developers who have already established a reputation can choose whether to make their Dapps free or premium. Because these Premium DApps require payment, the community can expect in-DApp functionalities to be better than those of Free DApps.

    Within the decentralized applications, users can interact with one another. Within Game DApps, for example, they can gain experience, loot items, and trade with other players in-game. Users of Business DApps can benefit from advancements in business analytics, business intelligence, and other areas. LifeStyle DApps provide users with a variety of LifeStyle-related conveniences.

    DApp Extensibility

    Homeros provides developers with an exciting opportunity. They can now build their own expandable ecosystems within the platform itself, using Homeros APIs! This creates newer gaps for creators’ creativity to fill by giving them a space to create their own environment with which users can interact. This is also made possible by Homeros’ extremely fast and scalable protocol, which can handle more than 300,000 transactions per second.

    This provides users interacting with DApps on Homeros with a richer, all-around experience that is not limited to the DApp’s functionality but also provides context and enhancement.


    Homeros is also experimenting with new DeFi features. DeFi, an abbreviation for Decentralized Finance, has been a hot topic in the crypto world since last year and has the potential to grow even further. Homeros will enable various DeFi growth with the HMR community, which will eventually lead to a synergy effect with related DApps. As a result, HMR holders can consider a variety of DeFi products, and prominent DApp projects can benefit from the liquidity amassed within the HMR community. DeFi will add a completely new dimension to the HMR ecosystem.

    Providing a Variety of Monetization Opportunities for its Ecosystem

    DApp Advertisers can partner with a variety of decentralized applications. They can promote their products through native ads within specific DApps, or they can collaborate with Homeros itself when the platform launches an advertising network in the future. Advertisers can reach a diverse audience by using the Homeros platform.

    DApp-related businesses can also use Homeros’ decentralized community to find freelance DApp developers or aspiring DApp creators to collaborate with. They can discuss how a specific DApp concept can provide them with mutual benefits. Furthermore, they can become partner sponsors of events that take place solely within the Dapps.

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