• HeroVerse is a game-changer. How People Participate in Blockchain Games

  • When we hear the word “revolutionization,” we may conjure up images of public policy, trade agreements, immigration, and big business. But, more often than not, global connectivity occurs in virtual environments accessible from anywhere in the world, rather than in boardrooms.

    In the blockchain universe, the world is now witnessing a gaming model known as Play-to-Earn. For a few years now, blockchain has been used in gaming, with Play-to-Earn embracing an open economy. Despite the popularity of the Play-to-Earn model, Heroverse Development was the first vendor to bring the Play-and-Earn business model to the blockchain space.

    What exactly is HeroVerse?

    HeroVerse is the first blockchain pioneer to bring the Top Grossing Mobile Genre Game, which combines Match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy, to the blockchain universe. Game in which you can earn money by playing it. Play-and-Earn is a business model that promotes the gaming experience of players as well as an open economy.

    Playing the Game

    HeroVerse is a hyper-casual game that focuses on matching similar items to make them disappear. It is inspired by the concept of Match-3 Puzzles games such as Candy Crush Saga and Empires & Puzzles. When the line or matches are removed, heroes will fight their opponents, and if they win, they will be able to advance to the next level. This is the point at which users can be rewarded for their accomplishments, which can then be transferred to the real world as a valuable resource.

    Furthermore, Heroverse focuses on two key RPG elements: exploration and looting. RPG is a role-playing genre in which the player controls a character on a quest in an imaginary world. It is more about how the characters evolve as they interact with the narrative in HeroVerse.

    In addition to the casual game mode, HeroVerse has a Daily Raid mode where players can complete daily missions for in-game tokens. Furthermore, the Heroverse Development Team is working to create new gaming modes such as Tower, PVP, and Clan Event.

    According to recent data, puzzle games are the most popular mobile genre on the market. More than 60% of players in the United States and the United Kingdom enjoy these games. It is the second most popular genre in South Korea, with 45 percent of players. In Japan, 38% of gamers enjoy puzzle games. Mobile RPGs, on the other hand, are the most popular in Japan and South Korea. As a hybrid of puzzle and RPG strategy, HeroVerse is expected to be a one-of-a-kind game genre that will pique the interest of millions of players worldwide.

    Controlling the Game Economy’s Inflation Rate

    When compared to the Play-to-Earn model, the Earning section of Heroverse is very similar. However, one key feature that distinguishes HeroVerse is that it controls its in-game inflation rate through currency and hero generation.

    In HeroVerse, there are two types of tokens: HER and HES. HER are pre-minted tokens that can be used to purchase Heroes and Hero Boxes. HeroVerse can control the pricing process of the pre-minted token during the project due to the limited feature of this token type. To be more specific, the number of pre-minted tokens released was determined at the start of the project, which means that there will be no situation in which more tokens are issued during the process, potentially causing the token price to fall.

    HES is the in-game currency that players can earn and spend on nearly all game features. HES is a limitless token that Heroverse will continue to distribute as users play the game. A portion of the HES can be withdrawn as cash. The remaining portion can be used for in-game transactions such as hero leveling. Heroverse controls HES through a burn mechanism, in which Heroverse burns a portion of this HES to create in-game balance.

    HeroVerse also includes a hero generation mechanism. There are two methods for creating a new hero: the Limited Hero Box and Summoning. A Limited Hero Box may produce a superhero or a regular hero. Summoning, on the other hand, creates a new hero by sacrificing some HER and 4 Hero Shards. Heroverse launched the Awaken System to help maintain the hero’s supply power and reduce the hero’s inflation rate in order to balance the supply of heroes in the market.

    Final Thoughts

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Play-and-Earn model is likely to become more popular in every country as an entertaining platform and an additional income stream. HeroVerse, as the pioneer in this business model, is expected to experience a revenue surge this autumn. Heroverse’s IDO will be available on leading platforms such as Red Kite and GameFi. The IDO will begin on September 23rd at 2:30 PM (14:30 UTC).

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