• Hacker steals $74 million in cryptocurrency from Japanese exchange Liquid

  • Liquid, a regulated Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, has suspended asset deposits and withdrawals after its hot wallets were hacked in a security breach.

    The company announced in a Tweet on Thursday morning, Japan time, that its hot wallets had been compromised and that assets were being moved to cold wallets. “We are currently conducting an investigation and will provide regular updates. Deposits and withdrawals will be suspended in the meantime.”

    In a subsequent Tweet, Liquid provided four blockchain addresses – in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, and XRP – that are thought to be associated with the hacker.

    However, Liquid has not yet confirmed the exact amount of assets stolen. The Block’s request for comment was not met with a response from the exchange.

    However, according to on-chain data flow, the four addresses received crypto assets worth more than $80 million in total, with transactions all initiated hours ago, and are still in possession of approximately $74 million as of press time.

    The Bitcoin address received 106 BTC (worth $4.7 million) in multiple transactions from only two sending addresses. Within the last seven hours, the Ethereum address has received $69 million in ETH and various ERC-20 tokens.

    The assets on the Tron and XRP addresses have been distributed in excess of $10 million.

    Bitcoin’s price began to fall below $45,000 shortly after Liquid revealed the hack on Twitter, and it is now trading around $44,100.

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