• Hackatao’s Remix Me Project Has Arrived on MakersPlace

  • Hackatao, the legendary art duo, has embarked on a journey of discovery. They devised a clever plan in order to observe and identify the implications of art ownership. While pondering these and other issues, they launched the “Remix Me” project.

    With this in mind, Hackatao invited a number of well-known artists to reimagine some of their most famous works. Lines were changed, mediums were crossed, and figures were dismantled. The end result is a magnificent mash-up of styles, thought processes, and interpretations of the original works.

    Hackatao’s project is a call to arms for venerable artists to pick up the various tools of their trade. To fight the good fight on the digital canvas, as well as to investigate what it means to remix a work of art.

    Working with law firm Piselli and Partners and curated by the inspirational Eleonora Brizi, the project set out to test the industry’s boundaries, delving deeper than creators had previously investigated and finely examining the blurry edges of ownership in the art world. As a result, this investigation into the inner workings of the medium has yielded fantastic results. The end result will be available on MakersPlace soon.

    Remix Me by Hackatao will be released on September 23 at 10:30 p.m. UTC. Alternatively, you can visit the Hackatao Twitter feed right now to see the project’s outstanding results.

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