• Google Pay and Apple Pay are now accepted in the Kraken app

  • Kraken is currently one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Its web and app interfaces make it simple for users to buy, sell, trade, and store cryptocurrencies. On its platform, the crypto exchange currently offers a couple of ways to buy cryptocurrency, including credit and debit cards. Kraken has now added two new ways for its app users to purchase cryptocurrency.

    Kraken now accepts Google and Apple Pay.

    Kraken’s blog recently announced the addition of two new payment options to the crypto exchange. This comes at a time when cryptocurrency investors are looking for new ways to fund their investments. The cryptocurrency exchange announced the addition of the ability to purchase cryptocurrency using Google Pay and Apple Pay. Two payment methods that have grown in popularity among users in recent years.

    Apple Pay and Google Pay will both connect to the Kraken app on the device automatically. Making it simple to pay with cryptocurrency, which can be done in a matter of seconds on the app. When using the new payment methods, a minimum purchase of $10 is required. In addition, the maximum purchase in a 7-day rolling period is currently $7,500 for each payment method.

    These new features will make it even easier for users to buy cryptocurrency. Furthermore, new investors in the market do not need to go through a complicated process in order to purchase their first cryptocurrency.

    “With the addition of Apple Pay and Google Pay, we take another step forward in making it easier to incorporate cryptocurrency into your daily life.”

    Simpler Ways to Buy Cryptocurrency

    Kraken is not alone in incorporating novel payment methods into its platform. Coinbase announced about a month ago that it would be adding the ability to purchase cryptocurrency on the exchange using Apple Pay. Later, Google Pay support was added to the platform, allowing users to easily purchase cryptocurrency on the exchange.

    PayPal, the world’s largest payment processor, added crypto support to its U.S. customers earlier this year. The payments platform expanded its crypto offering to the United Kingdom in August 2021. Users can use the app to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies.

    The U.K. Post Office had also entered the cryptocurrency market, which caught the market off guard. Users of its app EasyID can now directly purchase cryptocurrency from German-based crypto exchange Swarm Markets, as of two weeks ago.

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