• Following its integration with TRON, DeFine has risen to the top of the ecosystem’s NFT marketplaces

  • After a successful integration with the cryptocurrency, DeFine, an NFT social network for artists, gamers, musicians, athletes, influencers, and other innovators, has become the major NFT marketplace in the Tron (TRX/USD) ecosystem, according to a Medium post. DeFine has taken advantage of Tron’s high performance and low cost to significantly lower NFT transaction costs and increase interactions. DeFine plans to introduce its unique social profile system to TRON’s ecosystem by developing customized identity badges for customers.

    Globally, we’re looking for more and more value NFTs.

    DeFine, along with Tron and APENFT, will help to the expansion of the NFT ecosystem by finding desirable NFTs on the global market. As a result, through NFTs, fan/social tokens, and other digital assets, all producers will be able to communicate and encourage follower engagement. The BTFS storage technology will be officially integrated with Tron next month.

    Over 100 million people use the storage system.

    The system will be able to keep all created NFT works as well as user information archives as a result of the integration. BTFS is a storage system with tens of thousands of trade platforms and over 100 million community members. The system’s vast user base and powerful circulation capability will also foster cooperation.

    NFT Plus is a new product from NFT.

    DeFine is also bringing its groundbreaking product NFT PLUS to the TRON ecosystem. The program integrates assets into the metaverse and blockchain, expanding the scope of NFT applications beyond the art world. By virtue of TRON and APENFT, it relates NFT to interests and quantified real rights, thereby distributing NFT asset subjectivity.

    NFT-related objectives

    DeFine, TRON, and APENFT are working with NFT to boost overall NFT liquidity, expand NFT artwork adoption and NFT asset acceptance in general, and optimize NFT storage solutions. DeFine’s technology works on multi-chain NFT development and supports Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum (ETH/USD) network.

    DeFine is embracing the potential to revolutionize the NFT art market and give artists new and better assistance as a result of these new partnerships, making it possible to socialize NFT and establish community in a new and enhanced way.

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