• Facebook and Novi are ‘absolutely exploring’ to integrate NFTs, according to David Marcus

  • David Marcus, the president of Facebook Financial, is showing a lot of interest in the emerging field of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.

    “It’s too early to talk about our intentions,” Marcus said in an interview with Bloomberg on Tuesday. “But we’re clearly looking at a variety of possibilities to get involved in the area, since we’re in a fantastic position to do so.” “We have the potential to have a good impact on both creators and consumers.”

    When the Novi wallet goes live, he says it will be able to store NFTs. Marcus alluded to the types of services required by the NFT ecosystem, saying, “If you are a creator and are developing your NFT, you may want to rent or sell your NFT. You’ll need to keep your NFT somewhere safe.”

    Facebook’s ambitions for stablecoin

    Marcus further expanded on recent remarks on the Novi wallet and its connection to the long-delayed stablecoin Diem. He added that Novi is ready to go online but is awaiting Diem to do so.

    Marcus referred to criticism to Facebook’s participation in finance as “un-American” in an earlier blog post. He elaborated, saying, “I don’t think we deserve people’s trust; I think we deserve a chance to earn people’s trust.”

    Aside from CEO Mark Zuckerberg, David Marcus has been the most visible public face of Facebook’s aspirations for a stablecoin. Since Facebook published a whitepaper on Libra in June 2019, it has undergone significant adjustments. Libra is now known as Diem, the Calibra wallet is known as Novi, and Novi is more interested in researching other coins.

    Even Facebook Financial, or F2, is a newcomer, having debuted in early August. It is a financial services umbrella business that includes Facebook Pay and Novi.

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