• Experiment shows that Twitter may overtake Western Union to become one of the best cryptocurrency remittance platforms

  • Michael Saylor, the CEO of the publicly traded business intelligence software maker MicroStrategy, took to Twitter to share an intriguing video.

    A person in it claims that, thanks to Bitcoin, Twitter will be able to easily overtake Western Union and become one of the largest global remittance companies in the future.

    In seconds, you can send $10 in Bitcoin to El Salvador.

    The man, who was sitting in Chicago, demonstrated how he transferred to a David who was waiting in a Starbucks in El Salvador at the time. The man in the video explained that David has a Strike account linked to his Twitter account, and so the man in Chicago sent his friend in El Salvador a $10 remittance payment in Bitcoin by using Twitter’s new tipping feature, which was launched on Thursday, September 23.

    The payment was made through the Lightning Network, which powers Twitter’s tipping feature for iOS users only so far.

    According to the sender, no one will want to use Western Union for remittances after this, and Twitter could become one of the best remittance experiences in the world thanks to its new Bitcoin tipping feature.

    Twitter has launched a Bitcoin tipping feature.

    The Twitter team announced on Thursday that the Tips feature will be available this week. Using the Lightning Network, anyone can tip the Twitter account owner whose content they enjoy with Bitcoin.

    The feature is currently only available for iOS users, but the Twitter team has promised that it will be available for Android users “soon.”

    Many in the cryptocurrency community believe that this is a significant step forward for Bitcoin adoption. Earlier this year, during an online conference with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and ARK CEO Cathie Woods, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stated that Bitcoin will play a significant role in Twitter’s future.

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