• Elon Musk’s New Twitter Profile Is Bad News for the Dogecoin Community

  • Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has changed his Twitter profile picture to a space rocket, replacing the previous one with Doge eyes.

    The update will most likely focus on the launch of SpaceX’s rocket booster, which will be another significant milestone for the aerospace company.

    The brash centibillionaire has been busy posting breathtaking images of the first fully stacked starship.

    On July 18, Musk changed his Twitter profile picture to a photo of himself with Doge reflected in his aviator sunglasses.

    Given Musk’s 58.9 million followers and unprecedented engagement, this was a stunning advertisement for Dogecoin, a joke cryptocurrency inspired by the famous Shiba Inu meme. To no one’s surprise, it resulted in a significant price increase.

    Musk’s focus on SpaceX could explain why he hasn’t tweeted about Dogecoin in weeks. The tech entrepreneur, on the other hand, mentioned the Bitcoin parody at the “B Word” conference, where he revealed that he personally possessed some canine coins.

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