• EA Sports Hires a New Senior Director to Investigate Blockchain and NFTs

  • According to a new job offering on LinkedIn, EA Sports intends to expand their company into blockchain and NFTs.

    EA Sports posted a job posting on LinkedIn for a new Senior Director of Competitive Gaming Brand. EA Sports emphasizes in the ad that the applicant should be prepared to take the company into the domain of blockchain and NFTs.

    According to the job posting, the organization intends to grow into other markets. “We set the tone for EA’s investment in gaming subscriptions, our PC retail and platform, competitive gaming (including FIFA, Apex Legends, and Madden NFL), and new business opportunities such as fantasy sports, blockchain and NFTs, and others.”

    Although no specific prerequisites for NFTs or blockchain technology are listed, the successful applicant will be in responsible of establishing new revenue sources.

    NFTs are a solution for many in the sports business.

    EA Sports is hardly the only significant firm looking for crypto experts. Earlier this month, the mega-corporation Walmart advertised for a “Digital Currency and Cryptocurrency Product Lead.” Prior to Walmart, Amazon advertised for a bitcoin strategy executive.

    Sports and cryptocurrency

    The sports world, like many other big global companies, has set its sights on cryptocurrency. This past year, the sports entertainment industry harnessed the power of digital tokens to provide fans with new experiences.

    Lionel Messi, the football great, just released his “Messiverse” NFT collection last week. The collection was slashed after the footballer left Barcelona after 20 years. His new contract with Paris St. Germain included a stake in the club’s fan tokens.

    Such fan tokens are said to bring millions of dollars into sports clubs, potentially transforming the dynamic of a fan metaverse.

    Along with Messi, two other big figures in football issued NFTs this year. Pele and Ronaldinho, both Brazilian football legends, have created their own collections.

    Sports fans are ecstatic over more than just NFTs. Poly, a blockchain network, has partnered with Industry Games in the esports community. The alliance aims to make esports events more scalable.

    As these domains continue to integrate, more firms will require blockchain-savvy employees on their teams.

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