• Dogemania: Billionaire Mark Cuban Pushes Dogecoin Adoption Even Further

  • As part of its recently announced “Cryptomania” promotion, the Dallas Mavericks, the professional basketball team owned by billionaire Mark Cuban, is giving away e-gift cards to cryptocurrency aficionados.

    Anyone who spends at least $150 on Mavericks merchandise in a single transaction using one of the approved cryptocurrencies will receive a $25 reward.

    The campaign is set to run through the end of the year.

    In early March, the Mavericks became the first NBA franchise to accept Dogecoin as a payment mechanism, allowing fans to purchase tickets and merchandise using the high-flying joke cryptocurrency.

    This occurred two years after the team began accepting Bitcoin with limited success. In April 2020, Cuban disclosed that the Mavericks had only amassed $130 in the world’s largest cryptocurrency, highlighting what he saw as the currency’s widespread adoption problem:

    Now that we accept Bitcoin, please go buy anything in Bitcoin. That’s fine with me, right? I believe we earned $130. That is all of the Bitcoin I currently own.

    During the early 2021 crypto market boom, Cuban radically revised his attitude on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. Former skeptic who once said he’d rather hold bananas than the flagship cryptocurrency projected that Bitcoin would exceed gold in early April:

    Because gold has no utility in and of itself, younger generations will trust Bitcoin. What is the purpose of gold? It serves no purpose.

    Dogecoin is the most powerful cryptocurrency.

    The Dallas Mavericks owner stated that Dogecoin was the strongest cryptocurrency due of its community, a position that Tesla CEO Elon Musk agreed with.

    Earlier last month, the Mavericks stated that individuals who paid with Doge would receive special discounts, in an effort to push the meme coin’s mainstream popularity even further.

    However, it appears that Cuban is not putting his money where his mouth is. In mid-August, he received anger from the cryptocurrency community after tweeting that his own cryptocurrency holdings totaled less than $494, which is plainly nothing for the millionaire.

    In June, Cuban was also in deep water after the DeFi cryptocurrency he advocated crashed to zero.

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