• Deadmau5 Has a New NFT Collection Out!

  • Deadmau5’s latest NFT collection has been released on the WAX blockchain by electronic music producer Deadmau5.

    “deadmau5: Series 2 Card Collection,” Deadmau5’s new NFT collection, is a follow-up to a collection released in December 2020. RAREZ, the creative agency, released both series on the WAX blockchain.

    The non-fungible token card collections function similarly to trading cards while exuding Deadmau5’s energy and style. The card packs in the original series are either Standard or Mega packs. The designs are similar, but the colors and rarity differ.

    The rarity level of the NFT cards has been divided into different categories this time. The most common are “pins,” while the most rare are “gold.” The musician, on the other hand, threw in a few ultra-rare cards. Owners of such collectibles receive a physical reward: a place on the guest list for an upcoming Deadmau5 live performance.

    Standard packs contain 10 collectibles for US$9.95, while Mega Packs contain 30 for US$29.95, according to the press release. In addition, those who kept their NFTs from the first series received a free NFT as a bonus this time around.

    RAREZ, the platform that is facilitating this drop, is an NFT platform that is exclusively for music creators. Joel Zimmerman, the man behind Deadmau5, helped to establish the platform. It also hosted NFT drops from Weezer and Dillion Francis.

    Deadmau5 has released additional NFTs through RAREZ that are unrelated to their collectible series.

    Use Cases for NFT in Music

    Every day, NFTs and the music industry become more intertwined. The music industry’s interest in decentralized technologies has skyrocketed in the last year.

    Musicians from a variety of genres took advantage of the opportunity. For fan engagement, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra released three tiers of NFTs. Music, video, and VIP experiences were among the non-fungible tokens.

    Megadeth, on the other end of the musical spectrum, also released a collection of NFTs.

    However, music industry innovators use NFTs for more than just digital collectibles. They also use NFTs for innovative business strategies. From royalties to streaming data, the music industry will not be left behind by the blockchain revolution.

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